5 Apparels, Foot Wears & Accessories to Buy in This Season

A new season calls for a new attire. Summer of 2021 has already started and you better be prepared with your new looks. It is best to maintain a sleek and stylish look throughout the season and we have the perfect list of apparels, foot wears, and accessories to buy in Malta. At Basics we have got you covered.

  1. Buy Gym King Longsleeve Tee Shirt

If you are a man, that there is nothing that cries out stylish other than the Gym King long sleeve T shirt. The Gym King T shirt is made up of 95% cotton which makes it the perfect wear for this summer. With a full sleeve that can be folded as per your needs and style, it is the perfect top wear for almost every occasion. Whether you are going out for a walk with your girlfriend or if you are hitting the gym, it is the go to apparel for you.

At Basics store, we have Gym King T Shirts for sale. We are one of the best stores in Malta & we provide convenient shopping experience for you. Find out the price and delivery schedule at our shop.

  • Buy Gym King Basis Jogger in Malta

When your top wear is set with a stylish Gym King T shirt, it is important to couple it with a Gym King Basis jogger bottoms. The bottom wear is supposed to be more flexible and agile as you would be moving around. With almost 50% polyester and 50% soft cotton, it is the perfect wear for you to accentuate the look. Basics store offers free shipping on eligible orders and we have two stores in Malta. Choose a size that fits you and stylise your looks in the new season.

The two apparels would make sure that you are in line with the changing times and trend. GK logo of the Gym King brand gives you that extra sense of comfort and style.

  • Buy Sik Silk Pursuit Shoes

After all what good is your look if it doesn’t sport a trendy pair of shoes? Our pick for the summer is the Sik Silk Pursuit shoes. Sik Silk is a well-known brand and the shoes are comfortable for most occasions. With a chunky sole and a good heel, the shoes provide all around support for your feet. The lace up fastening model announces the world that you take your time in doing things and portrays you as a calm and well-mannered person.

The style quotient on this shoes is also one of the best in the market and you will never feel left out. Buy Sik Silk shoes in Malta at our Basics store and get attractive offers and other perks.

  • Order Sik Silk Crushed Nylon Full Trucker Cap

Finish your looks with a meticulously crafted cap that lets everyone know who you are. The Sik Silk Crushed Nylon trucker cap is made from polyamide and it makes it all the more durable and strong. It can definitely take a toll before giving up.

The bent peak model of the cap provides a stylish accent to your looks and turns every eye in the vicinity. The embroidered Sik Silk logo and domed crown makes it a truly unique look. At only 30 Euros, it is one of the best Sik Silk caps in Malta.

  • Get Gym King Alert Backpack in Malta

With the T shirts, bottoms, pants, shoes and even caps covered, there is only one important item to complete your look in the summer.

Voila, a backpack to carry your things in the summer trips. 

The Gym King Alert Backpack is made up of 100 Polyurethane on the outside and 100% polyester on the inside. The PU makes sure that it is water proof and strong. While the internal polyester ensures a smooth and soft interior. You can be assured that the bag goes with your manly and rugged look.

With external chrome zips and adjustable shoulder straps, the backpack is one of the best bets for completing your look. At Basics store, we have the best backpacks in Malta. Buy the Gym King branded backpacks in Malta with only a few simple clicks.

With almost all the things completed, it is necessary for you to enjoy the summer and lead a happy life. Stay safe and shop wisely in the online medium. Check out our ecommerce store that provides you a simple and smooth shopping experience without getting into troubles. You can always find the best products at our Basics store without compromising on the quality or cost. So, what are you waiting for? Spring? Buy the apparels already and shine like the star you are.

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